Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Product Idea!!! Nano or this one!!!

I'm very happy.... You know why??? I've got a complete new idea.... Few days back I was looking at a Sofa-cum-Bed, it's really a good product considring the space utilization & usability in small spaces available in metros. You take a Sofa-cum-Bed & use it as Bed whenever someone is @your home, while using it as Sofa in normal circumstances.....

Now the "Nano".... One of the most discussed word these days in India...... Ok.. .Ok... let me make it quick....

Can we make a Car like Sofa-cum-Bed.....??? What you say???? I guess this is really a fantastic idea, if it's really possible and I firmly believe that it's very much possible..... Just imagine a car like any other normal car where 5 people can easily seat.. Ok.. now imagine you press a button & it shrinks to a car like Nano..... you can easily bypass the heavy trafic & what about parking.... Huhhhh!!! Navrangi, you are great!!!

What you say.... Today I'm really feeling great, should'nt I???? .... :-)

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