Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be Loyal, Don't Be So Loyal [Employee]!!!

Talking to people is not a new thing for me but its only few times you get to talk to interesting or different/unique people.

While talking to a person today I came to know that he is serving the same organization for around 13years. Now his pain is his all colleagues who started with him are now at least 2+ times of his CTC, senior in designation. So many of his colleagues went to other organisation came back with much better package.

Kindly note that I tried my best to judge him on my competency matrix, did indirect reference check & I really found him good guy. Infact later I came to know that he had been selected by one of the organisation but they refused to pay him more than 30% hike. What an HR policy for loyal people!!! I hate it!!! His only fault is; he is a loyal employee.

What wrong if he switches his jobs 2 times in next one year. Or may be 3-4 swithes in next 2years. Then HR people will say he is a Job Hopper [Criminal for HR industry!!!].

Well this not the first time I've seen these, I've spoken to IITians also with similar cases.
So is it that the learning is Love Your Job, Not Your Organization?


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A way of Life : Routeguru & JustDial

I was thinking about few of the website/services I frequently use apart from Google ;-)

First which comes to my mind is I use it so frequently both on web & mobile. Be its client meet or attending events/conferences everytime I use it & believe me it help me to reach the place with minimal reallife help. Defenitely there r lot of features which can be added but currently it's as simple as asking a knowledgeable Panwala.

Second one is its not only a website but a way to get what you want. With its Pan India easy to remember 69999999 its very much reachable anytime. I wish they would've made better profits.
For me these r not only websites but a way of life. I wish people will come with more such products.

Kudos to people who thought of these products.


MakeMyTrip & Seva Mandir helping in cutting CO2 Emission

While booking my tickets on MakeMyTrip I saw a new content related to donation of very small amount like Rs. 26-234. If u donate a particular amount Seva Mandir (NGO) will plant as many as 18 trees. What made me interested is the content relativity [Contextual] on MakeMyTrip. While booking flights which normally cost around Rs. 5000/- per person, even the max amount [Rs. 234]of donation looks so small. Secondly they've explained that how much CO2 emission happens when u fly & how planting trees will help to counter that emission. 

On MakeMyTrip it's with title of Reduce Your Carbon Footprint..... Ok, let me capture a screen shot of the same..

See how well it's telling how much CO2 your trip will be generating & also see the Number of Tree which will be planted on your behalf with such small amounts.

Isn't it great!!! I'm really emotional & feeling great... :-)

Here you can read about Carbon Footprint in details.

Kudos to the team who thought this. All the Best!!!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Configuring Gmail in Samsung Jet [IMAP/POP]

After trying a lot I'm able to configure my phone with Gmail :-) Means now I would be able to update my blogs more frequently. So here is my first one from my phone.

Though I'm still struggling to download my mails, I'm able to send that.. :-) Anyway, here is the Samsung Jet Configuration as of now;

Account Name : XXXX
**SMTP server   :
**SMTP port : 587
**Secure connection : TLS
**Incoming server type : IMAP4
**IMAP4 server :
**IMAP4 port : 993
APOP login : Blank/Unticked
**Secure connection: TLS
Download limit : 500
IMAP4 incoming email : New
Retrieving option : Subject Only
Keep on server : Tick
My address :
Password : Nahibataoonga {Iwont'ttellyou..:-)}
POP before SMTP : Unticked
**SMTP auth. Ticked
**Same as POP3/IMAP4 : Ticked
User name : Blocked/Grey
Password : Blocked/Grey

Keep fields with ** as it is, rest of all will depend on your requirement.

Hope it will help me for future as well as others to configure it.

Next I'll write for POP... Also will update once I'm able to download mails... :-)


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