Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A way of Life : Routeguru & JustDial

I was thinking about few of the website/services I frequently use apart from Google ;-)

First which comes to my mind is http://www.routeguru.com/ I use it so frequently both on web & mobile. Be its client meet or attending events/conferences everytime I use it & believe me it help me to reach the place with minimal reallife help. Defenitely there r lot of features which can be added but currently it's as simple as asking a knowledgeable Panwala.

Second one is http://www.justdial.com/ its not only a website but a way to get what you want. With its Pan India easy to remember 69999999 its very much reachable anytime. I wish they would've made better profits.
For me these r not only websites but a way of life. I wish people will come with more such products.

Kudos to people who thought of these products.


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