Thursday, December 24, 2009

RouteGuru : A Way to Go!!!

Undoubtedly Google is Great & probably it will continue to do so for long time.

But it's not Google who pioneered Landmark based Driving Directions... it RouteGuru, who did it long time back. I've to say it because I've used it extensively on various occasions during last 5 months [When I found it on Google... ;-)] & it's really Simple & Great; works wonderfully both on Web & Mobile.

You can check yourself

Also read this


Saturday, December 19, 2009

An invitation sent on LinkedIn :-)

Among hell lot of Mundane
I found you different

Three Lines on my forehead
Made me different

Tired of contacting everyone for Business
I found you different

Come.. Come show me the Magic
Or, Let's just be friend


Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Visit to Moon!!!


While I'm not that keen on posting any kind of Travelogue. I couldn't resist myself posting details of my recent visit to MoOn!!.... Yes, my dear... Moon!! You read it right!!!

It's hardly a few days back when we all heard of NASA declaring presence of Water on Moon..... That's what made me so curious that I thought lets go & see with naked eyes....rather than photographs..... Ok.... Let me cut it short....

You can CLiCK HeRE to see the complete details..... :-)

Keep me posted in case of any feedback on my Travelogue.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Swine Flu & Telecom / VAS

Interesting very interesting..

Recently I was thinking hard about how we can increase the revenue share for VAS. My bottom line was to provide such products which are of real use for general people & not only for specific group.

What about Swine Fule [H1N1]!!!

Can't we create a product / special number on which poeple can dail/SMS to know more about Swine Flu???

Let's say a number 9999, when people will call here they will've few options like;

1 - Precautionary Measures
2 - Medicines
3 - Nearest Hospitals / Centers
4 -

This could be charged @ Rs. 1.5-3/minute. I believe this could be a wondfull product with lot of users.

Any buyer???... :-)


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Walk When You Talk!!!

Walk When You Talk…..

What an Idea Sir jee…..

No doubt, the TV commercial has done it’s best to convey the message & hence what an idea sir jee…. :-)

But, do iDEA people really have any idea about selling their product, I wonder!!! I had a post What do you Sell ---- Product or Values???

This post is in the same series & I will describe it this weekend.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bahut Baar Dhage Tute MereiN - बहुत बार धागे टूटे मेरे

बहुत बार धागे टूटे मेरे

पर फिर वही दिखता है

लगता है....

बुनने वाले ने, गाँठ मिटा दी है
रिश्तो का टूटना शायद,

रिश्तो में मिठास और बढ़ा दी है...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rain Rain Come Again..... Delhi Rain

So, finally the rain came & washed away all "Gila - Shikwa" [complaints] of Delhi people.... First time in my life I saw Non-Farmers begging for rain.... :-)

In fact this was my first tryst with Delhi Summer & was AWeSomE.... yes, I said AwESOMe..... It was so scorching that I never imagined..... Why I said "aWEsome" is, so many times I had to laugh on the plight of people & myself in the scorching heat... :-|

Anyway, here it goes finally after today's splashes.... ;-)

OOooooo..... :-)


Ahaaa..... ;-)

So, enjoy madi.....


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Product Idea!!! Nano or this one!!!

I'm very happy.... You know why??? I've got a complete new idea.... Few days back I was looking at a Sofa-cum-Bed, it's really a good product considring the space utilization & usability in small spaces available in metros. You take a Sofa-cum-Bed & use it as Bed whenever someone is @your home, while using it as Sofa in normal circumstances.....

Now the "Nano".... One of the most discussed word these days in India...... Ok.. .Ok... let me make it quick....

Can we make a Car like Sofa-cum-Bed.....??? What you say???? I guess this is really a fantastic idea, if it's really possible and I firmly believe that it's very much possible..... Just imagine a car like any other normal car where 5 people can easily seat.. Ok.. now imagine you press a button & it shrinks to a car like Nano..... you can easily bypass the heavy trafic & what about parking.... Huhhhh!!! Navrangi, you are great!!!

What you say.... Today I'm really feeling great, should'nt I???? .... :-)


Friday, April 24, 2009

Fate of Non - Performer !!!

It's not yet another forwarded mail!!!

Picture taken from our office building... See carefully, this guy is in complete formal & is wearing a Tie as well.. He is hanging & his legs are upside..... So, perform well, else you know your fate!!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

What do you Sell ---- Product or Values???

Off-late I'm wondering a lot about the kind of selling people do in the Industry.... What do you do?? Do you really sell your product/services or you sell the values associated with the same??? It's haunting my mind since a month now!!!

There are Three scenarios, which I want to mentioned here.... I'll come back to write in details....

** Edited on 15th July 2009 :


Friday, April 10, 2009

HotMail_Google_Error---Good Friday!!!

I guess this Good Friday, everyone is enjoying a lot... Probably people@ Hotmail & Google also....


Since morning, I received two errors....


First on HotMail... saying I don't have mailbox.......... :::::: - 



 Than @google…. Not at Gmail, but on some other products of Google……



I don’t know what MSN will say…. “Human Error or….. “


Let’s see…




Friday, April 3, 2009

Recession - Good Time!!!

Ok... so what's up!!!

How is life moving??? Not so great... right..... I guess this is very usual scenario of almost everyone around in this Recession time...... But, I really wonder, if you say this Recession is only bad.... I truly accept that it's bad, but not for all, you can visit my earlier post here..... [ Recession - Good Time!!! ]

Well, this time I have came with another thought related to Recession - Good Time!!!....... Yes, I guess if it's bad for you, it's good as well.... This time has truly taught people lots of lessons [may be too expensive for someone.. :-(]

I'll write this with my thought flow & not on any particular format..... Well, first thing which comes to me is;;;;;;

Don't take hefty loans even if someone is offering you on very low %age...

If you have to buy a house make sure you have @least 50-60% of the money with you & the total cost of the house is not more than your yearly salary multiplied by 4.

Let's say your salary is 6LPA then the total coast of the house which you are planning to buy shouldn't exceed 24Lacs & that too with @least 12Lacs already with you. Does it make sense.... you decide.... [one of my friend has to pay around 35K/month for Home Loan & has been laid-off recently from job.... I don't know what to say]

Don't take loans for two wheelers............. If you are taking loans for two wheelers, I will pray to God for you.... Free of Cost....

This tough time has taught people how to survive...... Ok.... I'll tell you my example....

I'm a recruitment consultant with keen interest in market understanding & Business Development related to Telecom / VAS Products & was in Bangalore for around 3yrs, I used to work on requirements like Linux/Windows Kernel programming, Device Drivers, Telcom / VAS Product Development, Security Programming, & other related areas.... you can see only niche areas...... Recently I moved to Delhi & due to Recession & location I struggled a lot to find such requirement to work on. In-fact I got some of them but soon everything went on Hold.... [very usual these days].... Then I decided [u can say forced... ;-)] to take up something new & I started concentrating more on Business development for my organization & quickly got a few Telecom / VAS clients on board.... The client which we tied-up given complete Non-Technical requirements...... but, believe me I not only closed, but also got repeat business from them & I swear.... I enjoyed a lot.... :-)

Now I can say... I'm a Consultant rather than simply.... IT Recruitment Consultant.... :-)....

So, what time taught me.....
Be flexible & for sure you will gain something.....

Are yaar..... ab bahut gyan ho gaya..... Rest I'll write in another post, else you will close the Window.... ;-)


Huhhhh...... new URL

Huhhh.... this is my new Blog URL...
I used to blog on & really like this URL. I don't know why I have created this new one, but anyway.... I have thought now onwards I'll blog here.... Chalo then... keep coming I'll make sure that you ppl get lots of postings from my end... you like it or not... ;-)


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