Thursday, August 20, 2009

Swine Flu & Telecom / VAS

Interesting very interesting..

Recently I was thinking hard about how we can increase the revenue share for VAS. My bottom line was to provide such products which are of real use for general people & not only for specific group.

What about Swine Fule [H1N1]!!!

Can't we create a product / special number on which poeple can dail/SMS to know more about Swine Flu???

Let's say a number 9999, when people will call here they will've few options like;

1 - Precautionary Measures
2 - Medicines
3 - Nearest Hospitals / Centers
4 -

This could be charged @ Rs. 1.5-3/minute. I believe this could be a wondfull product with lot of users.

Any buyer???... :-)



Rajender Chauhan said...

Hey....creative thinker, it's a good idea.

Rajender Chauhan

Deepa said...

Wow what a brilliant Idea sirji....

Navrang said...

Thanks a lot dear... :-)

Just came to my mind so blogged here...


Navrang said...

Hey Deepa,

Thanks for the comment. BTW, I tried browsing your but couldn't... :-(

Keep visiting.


Manish said...

Hey Navrang...Idea is quite creative but it must be free of charge and it should be started by Government.

Navrang said...

Hi Manish,

Thanks for writing, I do agree with you regarding charges. But you've to understand other entities of VAS eco-system.

Usually these kind of application developed by vendors like One97, Onmobile, Affle, Stratoshear, Cellnext, etc. & they are going to charge. Govt. can definitely come forward & do the alliances with vendor & operator and pay the charges for the same.


Pramod Gopan said...

Excellent Thought...But U need to move & act fast before SWINE FLU is dead;):) but ofcourse U cud use for future VIRUSes;):)

BTW, dunno if Myth or Reality- but they say that the SWINE FLU virus (H1N1) cannot withstand NICOTINE - so bottom line START SMOKING & STOP SWINE FLU from affecting u;):)

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