Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Holi :-)

Namskar My ear & Near Ones......... & YA far ones also………………

I wish All of You a Great & Fantastic Holi This Year.............

May New (Nav) Colors (Rang) get added to Your Life........

H a p p y H o l i .........!!!!!!!!!

Chahe khelo le Hara rang 
Yaa le khelo tum Lal

Mat Bhulo yah na v - r ang 
Kam Se Kam Is Saal

Jivan Ke hain Anek r a n g 
dunia ke hain Saat

Khelo Holi Abke Baras 
Is Nav-Rang Ke sath. 

H o l i ........  H a i ........ !!! 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grow & Let Others Grow - by Navrang

Offlate I was thinking about how you grow within organisation & how you let others grow.

I thought on various aspects & came up with very interesting conclusions.

Bottom line is Stick to basics. Isn't it very basic & interesting point :-)

There are so many Gyan around about how you can grow but hardly anyone stick to that. Ok let me try writing in points;

1. Enabling others - As per my understanding, letting others grow is Extremely important, which you can do by Enabling your juniors/peers. Let them know what you do, how you do a particular task. This will make them happy as they will have interest in doing new work, in turn it will increse their productivity.
Happy ppl, better productivity. :-)

Not only that after sometime you will find lot of time to concentrate on other important / new task. In turn better productivity for yourself as well :-)

I don't think it's something really Enlightening, it's very Basic and everyone know it well, it's just a matter whether you do it or not.

2. Making others grow is not @all a simple task. It's not you rather others who should be ready to grow. For that recognizing Real Strength of your colleagues is also very important. A person not doing well in one role not neccessarily is wrong one but rather s/he may be at wrong place/role. Try working out something really of interest to him/her. Be assured; in long run productivity will be much better, also loyality/commitment will increase.

This is my opinion, would love to know yours. Appreciate your comment.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Mumbai For All

Anyone using Twitter around the world saw a new Trending Topic yesterday #MumbaiForAll when it was running at top 5. I hope by now most of us can understand that the Tribute goes to Thackreysss. They not only helped people across world to see this but also helped people to understand that its not We The People who believe in these dirty games but rather They The People*

I don't know who is responsible for making these Dirty games popular, but for sure everyone will pay price for the same.

But is it happening for the first time I really doubt!!! It has always happened with people from a economically backward place when they move to a economically better place. Be it ppl moving from smaller town to State Capitals or different ppl moving to Metros. What as a citizen we dont understand is be it small town, metro, nation or civilization itself, everything is a perfect blend different culture, ppl. Its a fact that every society has progressed due to its native ppl as well as Outsider. And believe me this going to continue forever & no one has power or right to stop.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Fresher - The Struggler

Whenever I hear about any fresher opening I try my best to help whomever I can. Sometime I not only pass the information but also call some people as if I've to work on that. For me getting a chance to work on Fresher requirement is like helping economically poor girl to get married.

But, everytime I'm disappointed. Disappointed with the fact that Fresher - The Struggler don't understand the fact. They live in a completely different world & most of them think world is so easy.
They will ask what's the CTC being offered, no. of working days, size of organization & so many other questions which are irrelevant of the fact that they should get a job first because that's what should be most important for them. It's not that they don't realize it but they realize it after 6 months or one year & by that time next Fresher - The Struggler batch is ready.

I remember so many instances; one of those is of around 2yrs back. One of startup head known to me asked me for 2 Fresher for Mobile Development/Testing. I remember talking to relative of one of my known person. She was just out of college after her B.E. with good communication skills, for me she was good fit for the opening, but then came the real drama. According to her; her real sister / cousins were working with CMM level organisations so she were not looking for anything less than that!!! Offlate I came to know that she is working with one smaller firm on .NET technology, joined last year.

I'm not going to claim that this happens with everyone, but for sure with most of them!!!

My friends remember there are Thousands of less known / unknown / smaller companies & they do extremely wonderfull work. Don't try to be choosy when you don't have any option at all.


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