Monday, February 1, 2010

Fresher - The Struggler

Whenever I hear about any fresher opening I try my best to help whomever I can. Sometime I not only pass the information but also call some people as if I've to work on that. For me getting a chance to work on Fresher requirement is like helping economically poor girl to get married.

But, everytime I'm disappointed. Disappointed with the fact that Fresher - The Struggler don't understand the fact. They live in a completely different world & most of them think world is so easy.
They will ask what's the CTC being offered, no. of working days, size of organization & so many other questions which are irrelevant of the fact that they should get a job first because that's what should be most important for them. It's not that they don't realize it but they realize it after 6 months or one year & by that time next Fresher - The Struggler batch is ready.

I remember so many instances; one of those is of around 2yrs back. One of startup head known to me asked me for 2 Fresher for Mobile Development/Testing. I remember talking to relative of one of my known person. She was just out of college after her B.E. with good communication skills, for me she was good fit for the opening, but then came the real drama. According to her; her real sister / cousins were working with CMM level organisations so she were not looking for anything less than that!!! Offlate I came to know that she is working with one smaller firm on .NET technology, joined last year.

I'm not going to claim that this happens with everyone, but for sure with most of them!!!

My friends remember there are Thousands of less known / unknown / smaller companies & they do extremely wonderfull work. Don't try to be choosy when you don't have any option at all.


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