Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be Loyal, Don't Be So Loyal [Employee]!!!

Talking to people is not a new thing for me but its only few times you get to talk to interesting or different/unique people.

While talking to a person today I came to know that he is serving the same organization for around 13years. Now his pain is his all colleagues who started with him are now at least 2+ times of his CTC, senior in designation. So many of his colleagues went to other organisation came back with much better package.

Kindly note that I tried my best to judge him on my competency matrix, did indirect reference check & I really found him good guy. Infact later I came to know that he had been selected by one of the organisation but they refused to pay him more than 30% hike. What an HR policy for loyal people!!! I hate it!!! His only fault is; he is a loyal employee.

What wrong if he switches his jobs 2 times in next one year. Or may be 3-4 swithes in next 2years. Then HR people will say he is a Job Hopper [Criminal for HR industry!!!].

Well this not the first time I've seen these, I've spoken to IITians also with similar cases.
So is it that the learning is Love Your Job, Not Your Organization?



Rajender Chauhan said...

fully agreed with your last comment....Love your job, not organization.
this called a give & take relationship, what he has given to the company and what company is giving him...

Rajender Chauhan

Manish said...

Good article.....We should remember this again and again after completion of 1 year in one organization.We should reconsider our continuation to the same organization for second year.

Navrang said...

Hi Rajender,

Thanks for the comment, you are true it's a give & take relation. But there could be differences according to work culture, etc. Like in bigger companies the scene is quite different from smaller/startup org. In startup you become emotional & if the employer also become emotional & attached to you then they will understand else.... the same applies.


Navrang said...


Thanks for putting your thought.. :-) I tried visiting your blog but it's not working... :-|


R.R. said...


we should remember one thing here, not in HR prospect but in a career path. Other fellows 'running' to their 'unwanted destiny' (saturation point) in their career. After changing 6 to 10 jobs they reach saturation point. But the so called 'loyal guy' is just 'walking' to the same destiny. If he is capable of getting job any time after this, It can still make him walk for the same destiny. Those who are 'running', Only few ppl will be able to survive in the later time of their life.

Navrang, help them when they recall you. It gives you lot of job satisfaction.


Navrang said...

Hey Seshu,

Thanks a lot for putting your views here.....

I appreciate your thought & completely agree as well. I never suggest anyway to "run towards unwanted destiny", my point was simply that you should stick around but not at the cost of YourSelf.

I've seen people growing high in the same organization if the stick around but it largely depends on organization & somehow on negotiation skills of employee. So, my point is Be Loyal, but Loyalty shouldn't come with your own cost, if your organization provides you a good career path be there, be there for always... :-)

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