Friday, November 11, 2011

Corruption : The Buzz Word!

This post is combination of few RAMDOM thoughts, spare me if you don't like this.

Corruption is the most talked about word these days. May not be most "Searched" keyword on Google but for sure "Most Executed" in India.

Everyone has there own MODEL of solving this problem & everyone is sure that their MODEL will make everyone Mr. Clean.

BTW, I'm not here to give you another MODEL to eradicate corruption but I have few random thoughts to share with you.....

This thought triggered me when I reached India Gate with candle march to support Janlokpal Bill!! We were shouting slogans & suddenly a guy among (We hardly knew each other) us started shouting "Mera Neta Chor Hai" (Inspired by 

I was dead shocked thinking how come & when my leader became Chor.... I can't consider a CHOR as my leader. It was a big contradiction as we were considering Anna ji as our leader in the movement against corruption, tell me if I'm wrong!!

I always hear "Give the command to Youth" : Being a youth I would love that, but do we the Youth really posses that skill..... What I have found mostly is abundance of Cynical - Apolitical Youth.... Happy in their own world. Slap me if I'm wrong!! If I'm wrong why the hell we the Youth ran with candle on the call of a 80+ Anna ji.

My question to "You-th" is what all we have really contributed except Cynicism & feeling of proudness in being Apolitical.

Anyway, other major thing I want to understand & ask myself & you is : Do you really think that any Law against corruption will be successful without Political Reform?

Few random points : A political party is not supposed to Earn Money, they can't!! The only way to get money is "Donation"..... Fastest finger fast question... how many of you have ever donated to a political party or let's say even willing to donate????

See I'm just trying to point out that any organization needs money to meet expenses be it any kind of organization. A political party needs money to run their daily activities, programs/rallies, office & workers.

My question is if we don't donate to political party & they don't do corruption from where they will get money??? (I'm not justifying, but ya may be trying to be practical) 

Coming to donation : In India donation to political parties comes mostly from Giant Corporates (And you can easily understand the vested interest).

Ok... I think I should post this & be ready for your feedback/comments... :-)

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