Saturday, January 16, 2010

Configuring Gmail in Samsung Jet [IMAP/POP]

After trying a lot I'm able to configure my phone with Gmail :-) Means now I would be able to update my blogs more frequently. So here is my first one from my phone.

Though I'm still struggling to download my mails, I'm able to send that.. :-) Anyway, here is the Samsung Jet Configuration as of now;

Account Name : XXXX
**SMTP server   :
**SMTP port : 587
**Secure connection : TLS
**Incoming server type : IMAP4
**IMAP4 server :
**IMAP4 port : 993
APOP login : Blank/Unticked
**Secure connection: TLS
Download limit : 500
IMAP4 incoming email : New
Retrieving option : Subject Only
Keep on server : Tick
My address :
Password : Nahibataoonga {Iwont'ttellyou..:-)}
POP before SMTP : Unticked
**SMTP auth. Ticked
**Same as POP3/IMAP4 : Ticked
User name : Blocked/Grey
Password : Blocked/Grey

Keep fields with ** as it is, rest of all will depend on your requirement.

Hope it will help me for future as well as others to configure it.

Next I'll write for POP... Also will update once I'm able to download mails... :-)



Anonymous said...

I get a no response error.

Anonymous said...

I get a no response error after I click download.

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