Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MakeMyTrip & Seva Mandir helping in cutting CO2 Emission

While booking my tickets on MakeMyTrip I saw a new content related to donation of very small amount like Rs. 26-234. If u donate a particular amount Seva Mandir (NGO) will plant as many as 18 trees. What made me interested is the content relativity [Contextual] on MakeMyTrip. While booking flights which normally cost around Rs. 5000/- per person, even the max amount [Rs. 234]of donation looks so small. Secondly they've explained that how much CO2 emission happens when u fly & how planting trees will help to counter that emission. 

On MakeMyTrip it's with title of Reduce Your Carbon Footprint..... Ok, let me capture a screen shot of the same..

See how well it's telling how much CO2 your trip will be generating & also see the Number of Tree which will be planted on your behalf with such small amounts.

Isn't it great!!! I'm really emotional & feeling great... :-)

Here you can read about Carbon Footprint in details.

Kudos to the team who thought this. All the Best!!!



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Mehul said...

This is indeed great! I also noticed that when I was browsing around. Wanted to know more about "Seva Mandir", but apparently there are many Seva Mandirs :). Wanted to know more about where they plant the trees, who takes care of them, what types of trees are being planted etc.

Nice, innovative concept though.

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